TARIFF OF FEES AND COSTS TO THE LAW ON PRIVATE ENFORCEMENT Prom. SG. br.35 of 28 April 2006. Section I. Ordinary fees A. For the formation of an enforcement case, the fee is 20 lev 2. For a comprehensive survey debtor, gathering data, documents and other papers as well as providing for the execution of the PEA, the fee is 50 lev 3. To make any reference to the debtor and its property, the fee is five lev 4. For mailing the summons, a copy of the complaint and papers notice the fee is 10 lev 5. For service of summons, a copy of the complaint, notification and papers, including the service of a statement of the creditor under Art. 398b, para. 2 and 3 of the Civil Procedure Code (CPC), the fee is 20 lev 6. For issuing a certificate, the fee is five lev 7. For issuing a copy of the document drawn up by a private bailiff, the fee is 2 lev, and if the copy is more than one page – each at a lev 8. For preparing a copy of an enforcement case, the fee is 10 lev NB. For preparing a copy of an enforcement case and its submission to the competent court, the fee is 20 lev 9. For attachment without an inventory, including the share of a company under Art. 398b, para. 1 of the CCP, the fee is 15 lev 10. To request to judge the entries for entry or release of lien, the fee is 15 lev 11. To connect a creditor, the fee is 50 lev 12. For the billing amount of the debt from the private bailiff, the fee is 30 lev 13. For the preparation and presentation of the distribution fee is 30 lev 14. To empower the creditor to bring an action before the district court of the company for its termination under Art. 398b, para. 2 and 3 CPC, the fee is 20 lev 15. To make selling dematerialized securities, the fee is 100 lev 16. For performing an action as provided in chapter forty-fifth of the CPC, the fee is 50 lev NB. The same fee applies to make arrangements for access and delivery of a child. 17. To provide procurement and making the collection or payment instead of the fee is 20 lev 18. To implement security measures to collect the fees provided for appropriate action under this section. 19. To provide documents and information on public sale or sale under the Law on Pledges (RPA), the fee is 20 lev Section II. Proportionate fees 20. To make an inventory of movable and immovable property, including securities available, collect a fee of 1.5 per cent of the amount for which enforcement is sought, but not less than 50 lev Notes: A. When the claimant asked to describe the property for an amount less than the amount of the claim the fee on that amount. 2. When the price of the described property be greater, the fee on the difference. 3. To pass the fulfillment of some things on others, regardless of whether movable or immovable, a new fee will be charged if no inventory was carried out. 21. For foreclosure and transfer of movable property, including the pledged property RPA, the fee of 2 percent of the value of the property, but not less than 50 lev NB. After the public sale or sales tax is paid by the buyer. 22. To put in possession of real property the fee is one percent of the value of the property, but not less than 200 lev Notes: A. When the price of the property is not mentioned in the writ, the fee is collected on its tax assessment under the Act on local taxes. 2. The fee for entering into possession after the public sale is the buyer’s expense. 3. To enter into possession of the family home, the fee is 50 lev 23. For preparing a decree to award the property to the fee is 1.5 percent of the purchase price but not less than 50 and not more than 3000 lev NB. The fee is paid by the buyer. 24. To conduct the public sale of subdivision property or Collateral under the SPA or the CPC is the fee is 2 percent of the purchase price but not less than 50 lev NB. At subdivision fee is paid by the co-partitioners according to their shares. 25. In keeping described or collaterals, the fee is as follows: a) where the property is no income – from 50 to 100 lev per calendar month; b) where the addition is carried out keeping and management of property – 20 percent of the gross monthly income from the property during the observance, but not less than 50 lev 26. To implement monetary claim the fee on the amount collected as follows: a) 100 lev – 15 lev; b) from 100 to 1000 lev – 15 lev +10% of excess over 100 lev; c) from 1000 to 10 000 Levs – 105 lev + 8% of excess over 1000 lev; d) from 10 000 to 50 000 Levs – 825 lev + 6% of excess over 10,000 lev; e) 50 000 100 000 Levs – 3225 lev + 4% of excess over 50,000 lev; f) 100 000 Levs – 5225 lev + 2% of excess over 100,000 Levs Notes: A. In partial debt recovery fee shall be determined for the entire debt, but also meets part corresponding to the amount collected. 2. In carrying out the making of periodic payments, including maintenance fee shall be collected once the sum of the amounts paid every 6 months except for repayment of past time. 3. The fee on amounts received in connection of claimants is collected only from the private bailiff collected the sum of its affiliates creditors. 4. The fee for the implementation of monetary claim deductible fees collected under section 20 for an inventory. 27. To implement security measures for the cases under Section I of the fees provided for appropriate action under this section. Section III. Additional fee 28. To make the private bailiff action on individual enforcement in his non-working time on weekends or public holidays shall collect a surcharge of 50 per cent of the fee for the action. NB. Additional fee will be charged for completion of action under section 20-24. Section IV. Advance Fees 29. Claimant pays in advance the amounts specified in the tariff for the action: a) ordinary charges; b) ad valorem taxes with the exception of the fee under section 26; c) additional fee; d) additional costs. Notes: A. When the private bailiff went to the place of enforcement and it was postponed at the request of the creditor, those fees remain at his expense, and the further implementation shall be paid a new fee. 2. Not due prefinanced fees under Section V. Section V. Subsidised fees 30. Subsidized advance fees are to be taken for maintenance of transmission of child and making an employment relationship. Notes: A. The fees under this section are brought by private bailiff to pay the budget of the district court a written statement stating: full name and registration number of the PEA, the address of the office, the number of enforcement case, the basis and amount of subsidized fee payable and bank accounts to the transaction, the number of parties and the subject case in which the writ is issued, the court which issued it. 2. Private enforcement agent recovers the court’s budget subsidized fee after being collected from debtor. Section VI. Additional costs 31. Additional expenses are the costs of: a) charges for obtaining information and documents related to the debtor and / or property; b) bank fees and commissions; c) ensure access by opening and closing of premises; d) transport, handling and safeguarding of seized property; e) experts; f) guards; g) translators and interpreters; h) the removal, destruction or sealing of property; i) moving the PEA outside the place where his office – 0.50 lev per kilometer but not more than 30 lev for an action, whether it is filled with one or more visits. NB. Additional costs are borne by the debtor when it is a document issued or entered into the record for performing the action. Section VII. Payment of fees 32. When assigning a private bailiff from another area to perform an act of art. 18, para. 6 LPEA fee set for the action in the schedule shall be derived from it. 33. Fees provided for in the tariff paid by the creditor where an enforcement case and prior to the relevant enforcement action. 34. Fees and expenses incurred in the enforcement proceedings shall be paid by the creditor and the debtor’s expense. Final provisions Sole Paragraph. Tariff is adopted pursuant to Art. 78, para. 2 of the PEA