Private enforcement agent officer to whom the law has entrusted the enforcement of private and public collections in the territory of the District Court..


In carrying out its activities bailiff shall have the following rights:

  • to examine the debtor;

  • make inquiries;

  • to provide documents and more.;

  • to determine the manner of execution;

  • be custodian of the described property;

  • be a manager of the collateral property;

  • to mediate a settlement between the parties;

  • the depositary;

  • to deliver the pledged property;

  • sell the pledged property;

  • to serve subpoenas and court papers.


Upon presentation of the writ or other document enforceable, private bailiff:

  • recover claims of individuals and entities, and the award of Member and collect public revenue;

  • place: title to natural and legal persons of property, transfer of movable property, enforcement actions against debtors who are required to perform a certain action;

  • seize property as collateral on a debtor in collateral proceedings;

  • award of performance proceeded to pledge, made transfer of the pledged property under Article 35 of the Law on Pledges, in conjunction with Art. 414 of the Civil Procedure Code;

  • award of performance proceeded to pledge, effect a sale of the Collateral pursuant to the Special Pledges Act or under the Civil Procedure Code;

  • erformed sealing of premises equipment, vehicles chl.651 under the Commerce Act.