Rules for participation in public auction

1. Participants: In public auction can participate every able-bodied
legal and natural person. Participation can be in person or through legal representative or agent. Can not participate as a bidder at public auction: the debtor’s legal representative, officials from the office of bailiff, guards and managers of the divested assets, judges, prosecutors, bailiffs, recordation judges, lawyers on property in the respective District court (RC).

2. Submission of Proposals: Public sale is conducted under the rules for sealed bid auction. Proposals for participation may be submitted by the date indicated in the notice of public sale as the first until the end of business on the date declared an end to public sale. Proposals must be submitted in the office of the District Court mestonyahozhdenie the property. Proposals should be submitted in a sealed envelope along with payment of a deposit slip as it is written in the input register of the district court. Sealed envelope shall be accompanied by a request for admission to public auction (Fig. 1), accompanied by the necessary documents proving the legal status of bidder (certificate of current status of legal persons), power of attorney if the proposal is submitted by an attorney and other documents discretion of the bidder.

3. Bidding proposal (Fig. 2) bidding proposal must meet the following requirements: 1. Just mention the name / name of bidder 2. Indication of other information bidder individualizing (PIN; BULSTAT; seat; address; No of company case and which court, etc.) 3. Designation of the property / properties for which participates period of the tender 4. Designation of the proposed price in figures and words. The minimum price is indicated in the notice starting price for the auction.

4. Invalid bidding proposal: proposals are invalid under the auction starting price specified in the notice of persons not eligible to participate in the public sale, proposals for which no
paid the required deposit, and suggestions, which is not defined
clear the property and / or auction participation is sought.

5. Deposit: To the proposal should necessarily be accompanied by a document
for deposit / earnest money. The deposit is 10% of the initial price of ominous / same property as stated in the notice. The deposit shall be paid into the account of the bailiff in the notice. The deposits of bidders that are not available for buyers can be downloaded immediately after the announcement of the result of the sale, which shall submit a written request (Fig. 3)

6. Announcing the buyer: The buyer is announced on the first business day following the end of the sale by a protocol consisting of a bailiff. Opening bids start at hours specified in the notice in a room in the building of the District Court. They attend parties and all bidders submitted proposals. The presence of the bidders is recommended. The absence of a bidder does not prevent it being declared the purchaser. The received bids are opened as shall be recorded in the order of opening. Shall be declared invalid proposals. Bidder offered the highest price a buyer is announced.

7. Oral bidding: After announcing the highest offer may develop oral bidding. The starting price of bidding the highest price offered in writing. The pace of gain in the amount of a deposit. The bailiff invited three times participants in the absence of new proposals announced at – high offer and accordingly buyers.

8. Payment of charges: buyer pays for the announced proposed price of the special account of the bailiff (in which the same was filed and the deposit) paid by deductions from the deposit. Payment of the difference is within 7 days of completion of the sale. This period can begin or be suspended during the weekends and holidays. If the last day of the month is a holiday or a holiday it shall be continued until the first working day following the holiday. For failure to pay the price within the deposit shall be forfeited and used to repay debt.

9. Invitation to the next participant in the non-payment of the price within bailiff writing invites bidders offered the next highest bidder who has not withdrawn his deposit. Invitee bidder shall declare in writing, whether or not accept the proposal (Fig. 4). Due to lack of time in adoption law, the bailiff in the call should indicate the date of receipt and acceptance. In accordance with protocol bailiff declared him a buyer. If you do not agree, the bailiff shall invite the next bidder. Likewise proceed if bidder agrees, but the placed price within 7 days from its announcement of a buyer with a report from the bailiff. Bidder who has agreed to be named buyer does not pay the price but lose your deposit.